Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Felt Earrings

I been wanting to work with fabric to design earrings for while, and I finally got to do it this past weekend. I got several different color felts and started experimenting and above earrings are what I came up with. By the time I was done experimenting the day has turned into night and the living room was covered in little bits felts all over the place. It was fun non-the-less. Check them out at www.maupoo.etsy.com

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Simple and sweet wedding logos

Here they are. Check it out at www.etsy.amupoo.com It's simple way to tie your wedding together with consistent look and feel. For my wedding I have used a logo I designed on all things related to wedding such as invitation, save the date, thank you card, party favors, and gift bags. Being a designer I had a lot fun doing it and as reward I have received many compliments.

2009 Calendar is here!

Yay, it's done. It's available at www.maupoo.etsy.com.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wedding logos

I conceived wedding logo idea during the preparation of my own wedding. I wanted to create a consistent look through out the wedding with a theme and color. My wedding theme was Mau, my cat. I created a cat graphic for a logo and used it through out the wedding. Logo was used on save the date, invitation, party favor, screen graphic and as envelope seals. Logo helped to keep printed materials simple yet consistent, capturing the look and feel of the wedding. And at the end of the day I got many positive feed backs from people.

Wedding Poster Invitation-Little Messenger

This is my latest creation for my Etsy shop at www.maupoo.etsy.com. I was exploring ideas for an unique wedding card design and this is what I hit upon. I realized changing the size of the invitation can have a creative impact on the design. So instead of 5x7" card I have increased the size to 11x17" flat poster. The poster can be rolled into a tube to be send out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Walt and El Grupo

This is a poster design I did recently for Walt and El Grupo documentary. The documentary captures story about the trip Walt Disney took with his creative team to South Americas. More info can be found at http://waltandelgroupo.com.

My very first blog

This is my first blog ever. I am little nervous yet excited about typing these words to share with the world. I wanted to start a blog to share design ideas and my work. I am currently gathering my wedding designs and photos to share with everyone. Check back for more. Meanwhile check out my little shop: www.maupoo.etsy.com